5 Subscription Boxes You’ll Use Every Day

The truth is there are some really cool subscription boxes out there.  Most of them contain items you don’t really use daily, or even weekly.  They’re fine for finding and trying new products but most subscription boxes are merely a luxury item.

We created this list of subscription boxes you could use every day.  These are probably items you buy weekly or daily, but now you can have that automated!  These boxes are more for convenience than discovering new products.  The best thing is that these are all high quality items that are probably better than what you buy in stores and maybe even cheaper too.

5. Tea and Coffee Subscription

Coffee and Tea Subscription Image

For most people tea and coffee are part of their daily lives.  With a tea subscription or coffee subscription you can select your blend and how often you get the tea or coffee.  A coffee or tea subscription makes sense for many reasons, including saving money and not having to worry about picking up your favorite blend every week or month.

We have a few coffee subscriptions  or tea subscription services you can chose from.

4. Socks Subscription

Sock Subscription Image

Unless you live in a shack on the beach, you probably wear socks most days.  There’s nothing worse than throwing off your shoes at a friends house and having a nice big hole in your sock.  A sock subscription ensures that you receive a set of 3 fresh socks every few months.  Say goodbye to holes and worn out socks!

Check out our sock subscriptions on our website.

3. Underwear Subscription

Underwear Subscription Image

There’s nothing worse than an old dirty pair of underwear.  Most of us wait too long before buying a new supply of underwear, but not anymore.  With an underwear subscription you don’t have to worry about having a clean and hole free pair of underwear with delivery of a fresh pair on a regular schedule.

We have a bunch of  boxer, panties and bra subscriptions in our underwear subscription category.

2. Toothbrush subscription

Toothbrush Subscription Image

The American Dental Association recommends changing your toothbrush every 3 – 4 months.  Do you remember the last time you changed out your toothbrush?  Yeah neither do I.  You can choose how often you want these delivered, but the normal timeframe is 3 months.  For $1 – $5 a pop, that’s only 33 cents – $1.25 per month. What excuse do you have for not buying a toothbrush subscription?

1. Razor subscription

Razor and Shaving Subscription Image

It’s no joke, dull razor blades can hurt and cause nicks.  Instead of trying to remember when you last bought a razor blade, enjoy a regularly scheduled delivery of clean and sharpened blades so you can be silky smooth all the time.  Remember ladies, although Dollar Shave Club is targeted towards men, you can also use these!

Tons of shaving and razor subscriptions have popped up, see some of the best ones here.

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