Geek and Nerd Subscription Boxes

About Geek Subscription Boxes
With geek subscription boxes, it is going to be a fun experience being the “nerd”, you have always wanted to be. It is playtime for gamers who are seeking their slice of the action. If you are a techie in love with gizmos and gadgets then these subscription boxes offer more than you can handle!

Geek subscription boxes are monthly subscription boxes created specifically for gamers, nerds, and techies. These boxes contain a wide variety of things including snazzy t-shirts, cool gizmos, weird vinyl figures, funny stickers, superhero comics, collectibles and toys, DVD’s and much more. Each box contains 6 to 8 items specific to the box chosen. One of the top names in geek subscription boxes is Lootcrate, although you can check out with some of the other brands as well.

Choosing the Geek Subscription Box
There is a wide variety of geek subscription boxes available and finding the right one is definitely not a walk in the park. To make your life easier and to help you make the right choice, we have listed the most popular subscription boxes based on categories like gamer, techie or nerd boxes. Each box contains exclusive items that are just a sample. If you want to purchase more of the same, you can do it directly from the brand website.

Who are these Geek subscription boxes for?
There is no perfect age for being a geek and feeling like one! Similarly, there is no age for playing games and once a gamer will always be a gamer! These geek subscription boxes have been created not for you but for the spark in you, which could be a techie spark, a nerdy spark or even the gamer spark. It is time to wear your gamer t-shirt and show off your awesome gizmos to the world. Find a surprise in each of our gamer subscription boxes every month!

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